Digital to Analogue

Design for front cover of ‘Original + Dub’ published by Hesterglock Press

Original image
loaded on to Pixlr, type face from my library

threshold and isolate image in photoshop
seven layers devised for siclkscreen pruduction

Ident/Logo development – Optics/Optika

LOGO + IMAGE 01Working on logo to use across different platforms:

Blog – Packaging – Twitter/Instagram – Promotional items (tee-shirts/poster) – Letterheads – Other media (magazines/TV/Books/flyers) – Graffiti

Experimenting over different backgrounds on my artwork with the central area transparent and opaque. The identity/name of Optika Art is expressed in the O of the logo with art running through it and is designed to be sympathetic both large and small.

The logo transfers well over other images but so far is stronger over monochromatic backgrounds. This might be different on paper rather than with the back light of a computer.

Logo over monochromatic backgrounds:

And backgrounds with muted colours: